Nonconference Slate: How’d The Pac Do?

The first week of the season is over.  The ACC got smacked around, the SEC looked dominant once again, and the Big 10 was, well, the Big 10.

How did the Pac-10 fair in its’ first go-around in the nonconference schedule?

vs. SEC,   1-0 UCLA beat Tennessee 27-24 in OT

vs. Big 10,   1-0 California beat Michigan State 38-31

vs. Big 12,   0-1 Washington State lost to Oklahoma State 39-13

vs. ACC   1-0, USC beat USC 52-7

vs. WAC   1-0, Arizona beat Idaho 70-0

vs. Football Championship Division   1-0, Arizona State beat Northern Arizona

Overall, the conference did great.  5-1, with the only loss coming from the team predicted to finish last in the conferece. 

The Pac-10 proved it is one of the Top Two conferences in the land.  A UCLA team predicted to finish in the middle of the Pac-10 just beat a top SEC team.  We don’t care what SEC fans say, one of your teams just got beat for the second straight season to open the year.

Week One was a week for Pac-10 Football.


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