Thoughts On Oregon State-Stanford

Hope everybody got a chance to watch the game last night.  It was weird to watch a Pac-10 opener to start the season, on a Thursday night. 

About the game, it was pretty damn evident that it was the first game of the season.  Both teams were sloppy and unimpressive.  We think it’s very important that we remember that it was the opening game for both teams.  You can’t expect them to play like that the rest of the season.  We think you’ll see significant improvement from both teams, especially Oregon State.

How werid was it that the two of the most prominent plays involved balls rolling out of the side of the endzone?  The safety to put Stanford ahead for good, 22-20, and the fumble from Oregon State WR Darrell Catchings to seal the victory for the Cardinal.  Catchings had no business trying to turn that into a TD.  He had the first down and should have just got out of bounds.  The Beavers still had a timeout remaining, would have been at the 3 yard line, and had Stanford on their heels.

We didn’t have time yesterday to post our pick for the game last night, but if you trust us, we won $1 from a buddy by taking Stanford +3. 

We’ll post the rest of our picks sometime today.


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