Rudy Carpenter: Crybaby or Competitor?

“But I also think I’m an easy target since I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I get mad and fiery and do things quarterbacks don’t do. But I just want to win. I think it gets misconstrued that I’m a crybaby when I’m just competitive.”

First impression of Arizona State’s QB Rudy Carpenter: Relax.  The guy always seems to be pumping his fist, screaming, or generally, just acting annoying.  But, does that make him a jackass or just a really emotional player?

When you aren’t an Arizona State fan he looks like a jackass.  The kind of guy you want to get his head taken off by a safety on a delayed blitz.  From this article, he may just be a guy who really wants to win.  There is two ways to show your competitiveness.  One, is to act like Carpenter, you scream and gesture at the other team or slams his helmet to the turf after a bad play.  Two, is more like Brett Favre (since no one is talking about him these days), you show emotion, pump your fist, high-five but you do it with your teammates, not directed at the opponent. 

As a sports fan, we want our players acting in the second manner.  Nothing good can come from antagonizing the opposition, expect maybe a desire to drill you into last Saturday.  And if you slam your helmet, you better be sure you don’t make a teammate think your showing him up in public.  In Carpenter’s case, a receiver drops a pass and Rudy screams at him.  Does that help?  Does that make Carpenter a good or bad teammate?  

So, is he a crybaby you deserves to be pummeled, or is he a competitor showing his emotions? 

ASU’s Carpenter aims to shake reputation, build on legacy [East Valley Tribune]


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  1. Sambo on

    He is a baby

  2. Alex on

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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