Paul Wulff: Solid, Inspiring

New Washington State football coach Paul Wulff has been through a lot.  His mother disappeared when he was 12, most likely because his dad kidnapped and murdered her, then he held his wife when she died from brain cancer at 38.  These events has been chronicled before, but Bud Withers really does a beautiful job putting you in Wulff’s shoes.

Is there a guy you want to root for more in the Pac-10?  From starting out as an unpaid assistant at Eastern Washington to now coaching his Alma Mater, Wulff truly has succeeded in life.  Let’s just say this, if those events happened in our life, getting out of bed would be an accomplishment. 

As the late Randy Pausch taught us, the brick walls in life are there to keep out the people who really don’t want it.  Any brick walls setup in front of Paul Wulff have been blown up, just like USC linebacker Junior Seau in the article.

We were at the Cougar basketball game this December at KeyArena in Seattle with Wulff was introduced to the crowd at halftime, just a few days after being hired as coach.  He received a standing ovation, a much deserved standing ovation, yet he hadn’t coached a game.  If anybody is more qualified to change the attitude and culture of Cougar football please point him out.

Congratulations to Paul Wulff for not giving up and achieving his dream.  Now let’s win some football games. 

Wulff completes a long road home [Seattle Times]


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