Best Game. Week 5

*We are going to be breaking down the Pac-10 schedule week-by-week to find out which game is the best every Saturday.  By “best,” we mean which game you should stop what your doing, make a sandwich, grab a beer, and sit on your ass and watch for 3+ hours.

The Week 5 Slate:
Colorado State at California
Oregon at Washington State
USC at Oregon State (Thur.)
Stanford at Washington
Fresno State at UCLA

Week Five gives us two non-conference games and three hard-hittin’, pass-flyin’ Pac-10 battles.  Colorado State goes to California and Fresno State to UCLA.  Cal should win easily, possibly starting the season 4-0.  Fresno State and Pat Hill continue their mantra “Anybody, Anywhere” as they take on another Pac-1o opponent.  UCLA will have its’ hands full with the Bulldogs and don’t be surprised to see Rick Neuheisel lose this one.

Oregon tavels to Pullman to face the Cougs.  Washington State doesn’t hate Oregon near as much as Washington does, but they still don’t really like each other.  Last year the Ducks destroyed the Cougars in Eugene, but two years ago the Cougars had an oppurtunity to pull out the win at Martin Stadium.

Stanford at Washington.  Possibly the Battle for the Basement.  Both teams probably won’t be any good and with the game being on Sept. 27 chances are that it rains in Seattle.  A wet, boring game for 9th place?  It’s not the game of the week, but being football-crazy idiots we will be watching.

Who can forget the last time USC visited Oregon State?  The upset of the mighty Trojans sent the Beaver fans and all of the Pac-10 into a tizzy.  This time USC is looking for a little revenge and get an opportunity on a national televised game on Thursday night. 

This game is the Best Game for Week Five.

Best Game Week Five: USC at Oregon State
Best Game Week Four: Georgia at Arizona State
Best Game Week Three: Ohio State at USC
Best Game Week Two: Oregon State at Penn State
Best Game Week One: Tennessee at UCLA

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