Who Loathes Who?

When it comes to Pac-10 coaches most are cordial with each other.  The rivalries of the universities have always been bigger than the hatred between two coaches.  But you know that there are two coaches out there that just can’t stand each other. 

Many thought it might be Pete Carroll and Rick Neuheisel, but not so according to Ted Miller.  The two coaches spoke peacefully, showing no signs of any ill will.  Well then, what coaches hate each other?

Jim Harbough and Pete Carroll: Harbough pulled off the upset last year.  He isn’t one to mince words and Carroll is ultra competitive.  Don’t be surprised if USC adds on this year when if their up big.

Paul Wulff and Ty Willingham: They coach at rival schools, but not much else would seem to put them at odds.  Willingham wouldn’t say boo to mouse, unless of course that mice is one of your his players who has a year of eligibility left.  Paul Wulff is new to the Pac-10 but didn’t mind stating his toughts on the color purple and this, “Dogs hunt and bark, but Cougars fight and kill.”  That’s a nice little jab at the school and coach across the mountains.

Mike Bellotti and Jeff Tedford: Tedford used to be one of Bellotti’s assistants so clearly they have a history.  Bellotti is 2-3 against his former prodigy.  Both teams have been near the top of the conference since Tedford took over California. 

What are the others you think of?  It’s always fun to think about coaches sitting in their offices plotting out how their going to beat/destroy/kill/thrash another coach in the upcoming season.


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