Rockin’ The Home Jerseys!!!

The Pac-10 has always been about tradition.  They don’t want to expand and have even refused a plus-one system that college football fans have been clamoring for ever since the BCS was invented.  The Rose Bowl should be Pac-10 v. Big 10, they say.  If tradition really matters, why not let USC and UCLA both wear their home jerseys for the rivalry game?

Who doesn’t want to see the UCLA powder blue and the Trojan cardinal red slamming into each other in late November/early December?  If the teams agree to do it (which, apparently they have) it will cost them one timeout each half.  We aren’t sure if that means both teams lose a T.O. or just the team wearing the “wrong” jersey color.  Bets are it’s just the away team that gets penalized.

The last time both teams wore the home jerseys was 1982.  It has been 25 years.  It’s time to drop the stupid rule about losing a timeout (What the hell kind of rule is that anyway?) and let the fans see the tradition the Pac-10 works so hard to protect.


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