Most Obnoxious Fans: Notre Dame

Yes, this is a Pac-10 blog and, yes, we know Notre Dame doesn’t play in the Pac-10.  But since they do play three Pac-10 opponents this season, Washington, USC, and Stanford; we needed to chime in on the Notre Dame faithful after reading some of their blogs.

First lets look at the facts: ND finished 3-9 last year.  ND has lost 9 consecutive bowl games, a NCAA record for most consecutive loses.  ND gave their coach a 10-year deal when he coached a team full of Ty Willingham’s players to BCS bowl games. 

Now, with a new wave of optimism for 2008, ND bloggers are ripping a Husky blogger for picking UW to beat the Irish.  (Note: We understand that bloggers do not win football games.)  The fact that ND fans can be so brash because they are Notre Dame really gets the blood boiling.  When you become a National Title Contender again, then feel free to mock someone who picks a 4-9 team to beat yours.  

The real problem Irish fans have: UW’s coach.  They hate Tyrone Willingham, they always have.  This game is more about proving they were right in firing him than anything else.  If Keith Gilbertson was still the coach of UW there is no way this is such a big deal.  Do we expect the Huskies to win on October 25, truthfully no.  We see Notre Dame winning, but we definitely don’t think it’s a strech for Washington to pull out the win.

The irony of this whole thing is that most of the time UW fans are the ones berating people because they are the University of Washington.  In this case, turn-about is not fair play.


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