Preseason AP Poll: How Do You Vote?

Next month the Preseason AP Poll is going to be out.   Writer’s ballots are due next week.  Interesting topics started over at Molly Yanity’s blog so we decided to give you our opinion and, hopefully, get yours. 

When it comes to preseason polls we don’t like them.  We think they should be done away with.  They provide teams with an unfair advantage.  Take this example: Team A starts the season ranked #7, Team B starts unranked.  Through 8 games both teams are 8-0.  Team A has moved up to #3 in the nation because of teams in front of it losing.  Team B has gone from unranked to #8 in the country.  Both teams lose their ninth game.  Team A falls to #7, where they started, and Team B falls to #13. 

Well, you say both teams dropped five spots and Team B is still looking good at #13.  That’s true, but Team B still has some work to do to get back into the Top 10 and if the teams in front of it don’t lose, it’s SOL.  Team A is still in a top bowl at #7 and doesn’t need help from anyone else. 

If we could change the system: First poll after Week 4.  This would give the voters four soild weeks to watch teams and evaulate where they stand on the national stage.  A “surprise” team that starts out 4-0 gets ranked, while a supposed title contender, e.g. Michigan Wolverines 2007, start out where they belong, not ranked. 

Problem Solved.


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  1. zconnoisseur on

    I agree wholeheartedly with this idea. The problem is that it’s not going to solve anything at the end of the season. You might get a few more teams into the top 10 that are deserving, but very rarely do you have a pre-season team that’s unranked end up vying for the National Championship. I think Auburn is the last one I can remember and it would have still been a toss-up even if they had started at #1. I’m a University of Georgia fan and I will tell you that I thought they got it wrong in the end last year. There are too many variables. The pre-season polls had nothing to do with it.

    I like the blog. Check my blog out below if you get a chance. Pass it on as well. I’ll be covering College Football as well as other Sports topics.

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