2000 Washington Husky Football Team Responds

First off, if you haven’t read The Seattle Times investigative journalism series Victory and Ruins from January 2008 you need to.  Not only because this post will make no sense if you don’t but also because it’s a great example of good investigative journalism.

Here’s a brief synopsis:  The 2000 UW football team that went 11-1 and won the Rose Bowl included some players who were not the best citizens.  They raped, shot, and assaulted people without any repercussions from the university or the state.

UW fan Derek Johnson Brooks has a blog and he got the reactions of some of the members of that team as well as other people associated with it.  As expected the reactions were very negative about the Times series especially the article focusing on Curtis Williams, who has since passed away.  The question we have:  Does anybody deny what happened?

The majority of that team was good people and like they say, a few bad apples spoil the bunch.  The players that were written about committed crimes that they should have been prosecuted for, there’s no question about that.  Where there is a question:  Is it relavant to run a series about something that happened eight years ago?

We say that it is.  Just because an amount of time has passed doesn’t mean that the incidents didn’t happen.  Clearly, most of the information used in these articles was not available in 2000 or it would have already been reported.  The fact that it wasn’t is what makes this series newsworthy.  Did you know Curtis Williams choked and beat his wife?  We didn’t.  We knew Curtis Williams as the player who tragically was paralyzed against Stanford.  Finding out this information, while we weren’t actively looking for it, helps to paint a better picture of who Curtis Williams, Jerramy Stevens, Jeremiah Pharms, and Anthony Kelley really are.    

As a member of any team or organization you never want to admit your shortfalls.  We would expect the people that were part of the 2000 Husky team to defend their teammates, especially the late Curtis Williams.  But, everyone has to remember that while the Times reported it, the players are the ones you made the news.


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    […] 2000 Washington Husky Football Team Responds First off, if you haven’t read The Seattle Times investigative journalism series Victory and Ruins from January […] […]

  2. Daniel Crapo on

    I witnessed Curtis Williams beat and tortured his wife on numerous occasion’s. I also watched as he deliberately put his new born daughter kymberly Williams In direct danger in front of my mother’s home in Valdez Alaska. I have also been a witness to the Inhumane and inconciderate treatment that his remaining family members continue issue his ex-wife and daughter to this day. A story should be written of that ongoing occurance for beaten women thruout the United States.
    Thats the story the world should read.
    Thank you for your valued time.
    Daniel Orion-Dean Crapo

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