Best Game. Week 3

*We are going to be breaking down the Pac-10 schedule week-by-week to find out which game is the best every Saturday.  By “best,” we mean which game you should stop what your doing, make a sandwich, grab a beer, and sit on your ass and watch for 3+ hours.

The Week 3 Slate:
Arizona at New Mexico
UNLV at Arizona State
California at Maryland
Oregon at Purdue
Hawaii at Oregon State
Stanford at TCU
Ohio State at USC
Oklahoma at Washington
Washington State at Baylor

This is the fullest week on the Pac-10 calender.  All 10 teams play and all 10 teams play a non-conference game, which means there are plenty of options for you on September 13. 

Picking out the best game this week, pretty easy: Ohio State at USC.  This game could eliminate one team from the National Title chase (please lose Ohio State) and could vault the winner into a position to control their own destiny.

After what Carson Palmer said about Ohio State and their fans this game may be the most talked about college football game not involving Michigan or the national championship in State of Ohio history.  And you know what, we love that.  Isn’t fun when two historic programs have the balls (pay attention SEC) to play each other in a meaningful regular season game?  The magnitude of the game, the history of the programs, and Palmer’s thoughts make this game the Best Game of Week 3.  Oh, and add in fact that Chris, Kirk, and Lee will be on hand in LA.

Best Game Week Three: Ohio State at USC
Best Game Week Two: Oregon State at Penn State
Best Game Week One: Tennessee at UCLA

3 comments so far

  1. Aaron on

    Best game of the season likely will be OSU vs USC. Carson wasn’t too wise to say what he did while QB’ing the Bengals.

  2. pac10footballguy on

    I gotta believe this will be the national game of the year right now. Of course that can change pretty quick if OSU or USC struggles in conference.

  3. […] gonna watch every game, but this one trumps all.) Best Game Week Four: Georgia at Arizona State Best Game Week Three: Ohio State at USC Best Game Week Two: Oregon State at Penn State Best Game Week One: Tennessee at […]

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