Pac-10 Stadiums: Where They Rank

Kind of an interesting topic: Compared to all other FBS universities, where do the Pac-10 stadiums rank in terms of size.  These numbers represent the number of seats each stadium normally holds.  The rankings represent where each school stands in terms of all 120 FBS schools.

#9 LA Memorial Coliseum – USC 92,000
#10 Rose Bowl – UCLA 91,500
#23 Memorial Stadium – California 72,516
#24 Husky Stadium – Washington 72,500
#27 Sun Devil Stadium – Arizona State 71,706
#48 Arizona Stadium – Arizona 57,400
#52 Autzen Stadium – Oregon 54,000
#59 Stanford Stadium – Stanford 50, 033
#67 Reser Stadium – Oregon State 45,674
#83 Martin Stadium – Washington State 35,117

As you can see, the Pac-10 has two schools ranked in the Top 10.  The SEC has three teams in the Top 10 (#4 Tennessee, #6 Georgia, and #8 Alabama.)  The Big 10 also has three teams, but they have the top three teams: Penn State, Michigan, and Ohio State, respectively.  The last team in the Top 10 is Texas who comes in at #5. 

Washington State has the third-smallest BCS conference team’s stadium with Duke and Wake Forest being smaller.  Overall, the average number for the conference is #40.


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