Recruiting Update

Time for a little update on where the Pac-10 teams stand in terms of recruiting for 2009.  This post was inspired by this piece by Bob Condotta in The Seattle Times.  It focuses on Washington recruiting, but we think it brings something to the table for the whole conference.

What’s interesting is the amount of verbal commitments already made for 2009.  USC has 15, which is to be expected, but Stanford has 9!!!  Jim Harbough must being doing a hell of a job finding athletes who can meet Stanford’s rigorous entrance requirements.  Washington has zero which we also find hard to believe.  Willingham might not be there next year, but don’t local players want the chance to play with Jake Locker, especially wide receivers?

A positive for Cougar fans is the fact that they have a damn recruit.  After the horrible job done by the last coaching staff, when Paul Wulff took over in December he had only 3 recruits, this staff has got a good start for this year’s class plus one recruit for the class of 2010.

Overall, the conference returns relatively few starters, meaning this year’s recruiting class will most likely be smaller than normal.  That usually means better players go to “smaller” schools creating parity.

Tyrone Willingham’s job status could be giving UW recruits reason to stall [Seattle Times]


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