Who’s The Odd Man Out?

USC, Washington, Notre Dame, or Michigan?

Why might we ask that you wonder?  Well, it’s because we’re tired of Husky fans continually lumping their program in with the elite of college football.  Here’s a quote from the UW Football Blog:

Schools like Washington, USC, Michigan, and Notre Dame for example have lot more tradition going on.

Now, they are referring to their tradition in terms of the kind of uniforms the school’s wear, but even that is not an acceptable time to compare UW to those schools.  Husky tradition, is in fact, the Don James Era.  That’s it.  We aren’t counting winning streaks from the 1930s where schools played Seattle Community College and counted it toward their records. 

Each of the schools: USC, Michigan, and Notre Dame have won multiple National Championships whereas Washington has won one (some would argue they’ve won a 1/2 of won, but we’ll give them one).  Husky fan and former Seattle PI staffer Ted Miller wrote a great piece in 2006 outlining exactly where the Huskies stand in the college football world.  Can you say Syracuse and Colorado State?

The thing about the article is, it gets even worse for UW.  Kansas and Illinois are off that list, both played in BCS Bowls last season.  Even Virginia was ranked weekly in the polls.  A lot has changed in the college football world, so lets get our comparisons straight.

A more appropriate comparision would be: What tradition do Washington, Air Force, Marshall, and Tulane share?

Willingham faces third-and-long [Seattle PI]


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