Sammie Stroughter: Back And Healthy

At the beginning of last season one of the strangest, and puzzling, stories was the one of Oregon State WR Sammie Stroughter.  As 1,200+ yard receiver in 2006 big things were expected of Stroughter in 2007, yet depression overtook him after three close deaths.

We can’t imagine being raised without a dad, then watching the two father figures in your life pass away in the same year.  We gotta believe that a situation like that would send anyone into a bad spiral.  But the thing about this story is that it isn’t a sad one.  This spring, Sammie Stroughter is back. 

While this is great news for Stroughter, his family, and Oregon State; it’s bad news for the rest of the Pac-10.  The guy is an athlete and danger on every play to take it to the house.  We’re assuming he’ll be back returning punts as well, giving him even more opportunities each game to have an impact. 

Sammie Stroughter beat depression, now he tries to beat the Pac-10.

After the jump, video of a Stroughter punt return TD aganist Boise State:

Oregon State’s Stroughter stronger than ever after tragic year [ESPN]


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