Who Said The D-Word?

Not Pete Carroll.  (Yes, we know.  Two Pete Carroll posts in two days.  When your the coach of a dynas…., whoops, we almost said it.)  Dennis Dodd wrote a nice little piece about Carroll’s success at USC.  Think about this overall record in seven years: 76-14.  That’s an average of almost 11 wins a year.  Plus throw in the fact that he started out 2-5 and you can really see the magnitude of USC’s dominance.

Some would say that the conference has been having one of its all-time great runs in terms of overall success.  California and Oregon have emerged as big-time players year-in and year-out, Oregon State never seems to disappoint, and Washington State had a streak of three 10-win seasons in a row.  Yet USC has won 6 consecutive Pac-10 titles.

Does the man berate officials all game? Yes.  Does he get shirtless and chant like a madman? Yes.  Does he know how to coach a football game and program?  Damn straight he does. 

Whatever you feel about Carroll is fine, but you have to admit he has built something at USC we haven’t see in the Pac-10 for awhile.  A dynas….

Carroll’s decorated resume makes him – and USC – best of the best (CBS Sportsline)


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