Best Game. Week One

*We are going to be breaking down the Pac-10 schedule week-by-week to find out which game is the best every Saturday.  By “best,” we mean which game you should stop what your doing, make a sandwich, grab a beer, and sit on your ass and watch for 3+ hours.

The Week One Slate:
Idaho at Arizona
Northern Arizona at Arizona State
Michigan State at California
Washington at Oregon
Oregon State at Stanford (Thur.)
Tennessee at UCLA (Mon.)
USC at Virginia
Oklahoma State at Washington State (@ Seattle)

The first week of the season is an interesting one since, for some unknown reason, two games are in-conference battles.  We don’t know the last time Opening Weekend featured two conference games but we gotta imagine its been a few years.  Everybody plays, so with the two Pac-10 games, there is eight games total.  Lets start throwing them out.
You can already toss out the games with the two Arizona schools as both should easily beat their opponents at home, Idaho and Northern Arizona.  You can also get rid of Washington State-Oklahoma State because frankly,  we don’t care if you are a man, this game isn’t one you should stop mowing the lawn for.

Next, lets talk about the conference games.  Oregon State and Stanford kickoff the football season on Thursday night, so most of you will definitely be watching but don’t plan on it being a well-played game.  Oregon and Washington is an intriguing match-up.  The two schools hate each other, UW QB Jake Locker starts off his second season as the Tim Tebow of the West, and the Ducks are breaking in a new QB to replace Dennis Dixon.  Should be a high scoring affair, a fun game to watch, but the Huskies will likely finish near the bottom of the Pac, so count this one out too.

That leaves us with three non-conference games featuring teams from other BCS conferences.  California visits Michigan State, which we see as a convincing Cal victory.  USC travels to Virginia where they will annihilate the Cavaliers.  That leaves us with the third game, Tennessee at UCLA, as our pick for the Pac-10 Game of the Week.

SEC vs. Pac-10, has been the the talk of the nation lately, and this game kicks off the season with a battle for superiority.  Just like last year, when Cal handily beat Tennessee in Berkeley, the Vols travel to the Golden State.  It’s Rick Neuheisel’s Bruin debut, his first chance to appease his new fans, and score the Pac-10 an early victory over the SEC.  Plus, this game is played Monday night, so after work you can head home, grab some dinner, relax for a great college football game and get yourself in game-mode for MNF all season.

Week One Best Game:  Tennessee at UCLA, Monday September 1


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