Do You Love Multisport Athletes?

Pete Carroll does.  He believes students should be playing three sports in high school, two in college.  He says that sense of competitiveness is what he loves, the fact that somebody needs more than one arena to release those feelings.

Personally, we love’em as well.  Who doesn’t like a kid that catches 12 TDs for his high school football team then goes out and runs a 9.9 100m right after averaging 17 and 8 for the basketball team?  With the sudden rise in expensive, club-driven sports programs, it seems more and more kids are becoming one-dimensional. 

Usually, the reason kids are pushed to only one sport has nothing to do with their athleticism or their ability to play the sport.  Rather, their parents can’t afford another $200 a month for baseball after paying it for basketball or the time commitment of playing competitive baseball doesn’t allow for much else.

It’s sad to see that clubs are now competing with high schools for players.

Pete Carroll Loves Multisport Athletes


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