The Great Debate

It seems like every year football fans across the country argue about which conference reigns supreme.  The fact of the matter is, no matter how many statistics you come up with or how convincing your argument is, you will never change the mind of someone who is committed to their train of thought.  Ever try and convince a UW fan how great the wheat fields on the Palouse are in the Fall? 

Also every year, blogs and national pundits have to write and talk yell their opinions on the subject.  Recently, Thomas Brown over at Bleacher Report wrote a series of articles outlining why the Pac-10 is superior to the SEC.  The story we have linked to is the last of a four part series. 

Brown covers the fact that the Pac-10 year-in and year-out plays a tougher non-conference schedule, has an overall tougher schedule based on the fact that the teams in the conference are good, and that the SEC lacks the parity that the Pac-10 has.  All of these are solid points, although we would argue that some of the articles aren’t written in the clearest manner.

We aren’t going to go in-depth on this subject since we believe that is has been beaten to death, but just take look at the number of Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams that are the schedule for both conferences.  This gives you a glimpse into the quality of the schedules.  The SEC has nine, NINE! for their 12 team conference, while the Pac-10 has only two for their ten teams. 

We’re tired of that old argument that the SEC has to schedule lightweights because they beat each other up for the other 8 games a year.  The Pac-10 plays nine conference games, with some teams playing five conference road games. 

Take a look at defending National Champion Florida’s schedule this year: they only have three conference road games, getting four at home and one in Jacksonville.  They do travel to play at Florida State, but that means for their 12 games they only leave the state of Florida for 3 of them. 

Conversely, USC must play 5 conference games away from The Coliseum plus travel across the country to play at Virginia on Opening Saturday.  If the supremacy of a conference was based purely on scheduling, the Pac-10, by leaps and bounds, would embarrass the SEC like USC embarrassed Arkansas in 2005.  

Pac-10 Football Is Better Than SEC Football [Bleacher Report]


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